Women in Technology Galway meetup-January 2016

Women in Technology Galway meetup-January 2016

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Thank you to everyone who joined us on the night and a special thanks to Annie and Tracy from Workbench Galway for setting up the space and refreshments. BOI Workbench Galway was the perfect space to hold our meetup and I really appreciate the support from them. The facility is an excellent space for budding entrepreneurs, new businesses, and community events.

Last Thursday, the first Women in Technology Galway meetup was held in BOI Workbench Galway. The cold, frosty weather did not hinder participation on the night. Attendees had the opportunity to mingle and enjoy a buffet style selection of scones and sandwiches while sipping tea and coffee.

To kick start the event, I gave an overview of the meetup group. For those who missed the meetup, you can view the meetup slides or view our top tips.

On the speaker panel, I had the pleasure of chatting with Kim Tighe and Patricia Hegarty. Kim Tighe works as a Solution Lead at Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Patricia Hegarty works as a QA Engineer at Fidelity Investments. Both Kim and Patricia are motivated professional women and have experience and expertise in the IT sector.

I acted as moderator and prepared a list of questions for Kim and Patricia. We covered topics such as role models, career advice, work and life balance, essential skills, and 2016 resolutions. After the speaker panel, the questions flowed. The meetup drew to a close with attendees using the final moments to network.

All in all, it was a fantastic meetup. We left the building motivated and energized. Empowered from our discussions and the ladies we met.


Missed the meetup?

If you missed the meetup, don’t worry we will host another meetup in February. Watch for updates on Women in Technology Galway meetup.

Next meetup

The next meetup will be in February. Let me know if you would like to help out or participate. Please email: lyndaoleary29@gmail.com

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